RES -The School for Renewable Energy Science

Year created: 2005 No of staff: 12

Sources of Funding

25% - National
25% - Local
25% - Private
25% - In-house

Solborg vid Nordurslod


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Primary contact

Director for international co-operation Arnbjorn OLAFSSON

General Info

RES-The School for Renewable Energy Science aim to offer education programs in renewable energy science and technologies, as well as strengthening future cooperation between leading Icelandic and international academic and research institutions in the utilisation of renewable energies.

Areas of expertise: it offers a 11 month M.Sc. program in renewable energy sciences in Iceland. While RES is a private school, it is affiliated with the University of Akureyri, and the University of Iceland. Teaching staff of RES are researchers and professors from Iceland, energy experts from engineering and energy consulting firms, and international experts from research universities in Europe, North America and Asia.

Target audience: Msc. students and Phd. students and researchers in the field.