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ITENE - Packaging Transport and Logistics Research Institute

General Info

ITENE includes a specific department of Quality, Environment, Safety and Security (CMAS), which has the following research activities: Advice on Transport of Dangerous Goods by any mode of transport, Safety Advisor, ADR, RID, IMO and IATA, Preparation of Security Plans under section 1.10.3 of ADR Adequacy of Industrial Safety current laws: SEVESO II, Storage of Chemical Products, Regulation of fire safety in industrial establishments SQAS assessors (Safety and Quality Assessment System) by CEFIC Safety and Security Training, Energy management design of the transport company (energy consumption monitoring procedure, relationship within the different environmental management, quality, safety, security and hygiene systems), Implications and scope of transport companies energy audits (fuel management, routes and freights management, human resources technical capabilities and training management, Mobility and accessibility plans management measures, Analysis and contaminating values of the transport area (noise, emissions), Fuel efficiency, Alternative fuels (urea use (Adblue), biofuels).

ITENE has also significant experience in environmental life cycle and sustainability, life cycle costing, carbon footprint analysis, waste preventions plans and recycling processes.