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ENERESS Institut za celovite energetske in okoljske reŇ°itve ter storitve


Institute for comprehensive energy and environmental solutions and services

General Info

ENERESS - Institute for comprehensive energy and environmental solutions and services aims to complete sustainable development in the environmental and energy filed with emphasis on innovative introduction of efficient use and of renewable sources of energy.

Institute ENERESS is a private institution which operates in the field of sustainable energy and environmental development. Our activities are carried out for the actors of public and private sector. While researching, preparing and implementing different solutions and services, our experts consider economic, developmental, IT, personnel and educational perspectives with an emphasis on energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES). Institute aims, through fulfilment of needs of actors on local and regional level, towards achievement of national and European energy and environmental goals, which have a great influence on economic, social and environmental development.

Services and solutions of the Institute ENERESS are related to the following areas:

  • public lighting: preparation of documents (strategies, action plans, etc.) and implementation of activities;
  • local/regional energy and environmental strategies: preparation of documents (strategies, plans, etc.) and implementation of activities;
  • energy and environmental management: establishment, leadership and implementation of activities;
  • waste management: preparation of documents and studies, implementation of activities;
  • promotion and marketing in the field of RES and RUE: promotion of solutions and technologies;
  • preparation of project and investment documentation for the innovative and research projects;
  • European and national grants: preparation of project proposals, prject leadership, project management;
  • information, education and training of expert and general public;
  • networking and integration of key supporting organizations;
  • promote and support entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • and the rest, which facilitates and promotes sustainable energy development actors in public and private sectors at local, national and European level.