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MPEC (Municipal Heating Company) is a limited liability company owned by the municipality of Olsztyn. MPEC has over 50% of share in heating supply for the 170 th. city of Olsztyn. Its resources include: 140 km of mains heating system with 56 km of insulated system, 7 own heating sources: coal heat power plant "Kortowo" (174,5 MWt) and 6 gas local heating plants (all together 5,3 MW), constant telemetry control over mains heating system of high parameters. MPEC sells about 2 mln GJ per year.

On 18 December 2007, the Warminsko - Mazurski Klaster "RAZEM CIEPLEJ" was founded and the agreement was signed by the City Council, the Agency For Regional Development Joint Stock, the University of Warmia-Mazury, 9 boroughs and 12 heating plants. MPEC Olsztyn became the leader and coordinator of the cluster. The cluster constantly develops, with several new members entering by mid-2008, including 3 heating plants and one servicing company for the heating sector, bringing the number of members to 28.

The cluster was founded out of the need of the heating sector development in the region of Warmia and Mazury through the common activities, such as:

  • improving competitiveness of the heating services sector, mainly through the innovation of technical, technological and organizational solutions,
  • diversification of activities, which will improve the existing products, as well as new ones, diversification of the energy sources,
  • contribution to the perception of the region of Warmia and Mazury as the significant centre in production and distribution of environment and community friendly energy, using more and more of Renewable Energy Sources,
  • supporting integration and cooperation among the companies of heating sector and working out the "Strategy for heating sector in the region of Warmia and Mazury"
  • gaining national and European sources to finance planned projects.