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Les 7 Vents du Cotentin


General Info

Les 7 Vents du Cotentin is a utility cooperative located in Lower Normandy, France.
  • As a public advice place for energy information it provides technical advice to anyone who asks for it. This objective is financed by the Regional Council, the ADEME (national energy agency) and the County Council of la Manche;
  • As a design office it produces studies dealing with renewable energy, demand side management and High Energy Performance / High Environmental Quality buildings;
  • The company is also a recognized as a force of proposal in these domains on our territory. The cooperative gives supports to local public bodies, companies and projects bearers in their approaches and provides consultations and advice to architects in its domains of competencies.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Demand side management, energy mastering
    • energy certificates;
    • carbon balances;
    • system diagnostics (thermal solar heater, small wind turbines).
  • Renewable energy
    • Counseling - support to companies and local public bodies on the development and use of renewable energy systems: wood energy, thermal solar, photovoltaic, hydroelectricity, wind power, hydrogen.
  • High Energy Performance / High Environmental Quality Buildings
    • Counseling as a prime contractor on High Energy Performance / High Environmental Quality topics.
  • Trainings and pilot projects
    • development of the fuel cell field (owner of a demonstration fuel cell for demonstration and trainings);
    • creation of a local energy agency for the County;
    • European and innovative projects.
  • Public advice place for energy information
    • Technical and financial information towards particulars (on sustainable development, renewable energy and demand side management technologies and methods).

Target audience: General public; Energy agencies; Regional and local public bodies; SMEs; Architects and building design offices.