V.I.P. card

Dr Nicusor Nacu

General Info

Dr Nacu indicates that he has important industrial practice and gained valuable knowledge on power plants and their components, while working and studying in Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, France, and Romania. Whilst at Alstom Power Switzerland, Dr. Nacu indicates that he held the following positions: system/performance calculation engineer within the Combined Cycle Performance Test & Calculation Department, thermodynamics development engineer within Steam Turbine Research & Development Business, and monitoring & diagnostic expert engineer within Alstom Customer Service. Dr. Nacu indicates that he has extensively, during his 23-year career, designed and engineered, studied and improved, monitored and diagnosed power plants and their components. A Ph.D. in Energy Engineering, with a thesis about combined-cycle c-ogenerative power plants, coupled with over 10 years experience in lecturing Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Mechanics round his profile, making it an interesting mixture of practical and theoretical achievements.