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General Info

SIA "BUTS" works to improve life-long education, promotion of human resource development, increase of quality and competitiveness of employees by guaranteeing vocational education and vocational further education programmes corresponding to demands of the labour market, with the interests and skills of the people and the needs of the region in social economical development. It aims to increase the knowledge base of best practices and best available technologies in the field of energy saving for adults in all regions of Latvia.

Areas of expertise:

  • to promote and implement vocational education programmes for house-managers and
  • to promote and implement informal environmental education programmes.

The educational process deals with the human interrelationships with the environment and that utilises an interdisciplinary problem-solving approach with value clarification. Concerned with education progress of knowledge, understanding, attitudes, skills, and commitment for environmental problems and considerations.

Target audience: job seekers, employees, craftsmen and householders.