Synerco Sarl

Year created: 2008 No of staff: 3

Sources of Funding

20% - Private
80% - In-house

BP 69<br/>Zone Artisanale et Commerciale Langwies

352 26 78 34 31 / +352 26 78 34 37
352 26 78 34 44

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Primary contact

Managing director Thorsten KLAS

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General Info

Synerco Sarl works in pyrolysis or thermolysis of solid fuels. The gas produced can either be used for co-generation of power and heat by gas motors or turbines or can be used as synthesis gas for fuels, fertilizers or HC-chemicals.

Areas of expertise: design, engineering and construction of thermal plants generating low to medium BTU gas by pyrolysis and/or gasification as well as processing heat, steam and electric power from various types of fuel such as coal, oil, gas, RDF, biomass and other renewables.

Target audience: private and public sector.