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General Info

ENERPRO is an engineering consulting company, providing energy and environmental analysis and planning services. It works in the development and application of renewable energy sources and rational use of energy sytems and technologies.

ENERPRO's main activities include:

  • RES and RUE technologies,
  • dissemination and promotional activities,
  • support to National, Regional and Local Authorities in energy policy planning,
  • support to local industry and SMEs,
  • participation in national and international networks for RES and RUE development and promotion,
  • planning and development of small and large scale RES and RUE projects,
  • alternative fuel projects implementation,
  • energy production from solid waste (urban, agricultural and livestock),
  • mobility management,
  • energy audits and
  • training and education.

Areas of expertise:

  • small and large scale RES projects' development and management,
  • photovoltaic and thermal solar systems,
  • geothermal applications,
  • energy production from solid wastes,
  • energy efficiency in buildings,
  • mobility management in solutions and
  • biofuels, biomass and CHP generation.

Target audience:

  • National, Regional and Local Government policy makers,
  • engineers and technicians in the building and industrial sector (energy savings and audits),
  • investors, developers and home owners interested in RES, RUE and alternative fuels and
  • farmers and engineers for geothermal and biomass applications.