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AGROénergie SARL

General Info

AGROénergie was formed in 2002 when two farmers, Jacques and Charles Schneider, contacted the Nuclear Energy public body CEA in French to propose them to produce and sell them heat energy from straw. These two farmers set up AGROénergie as a Limited Liability Company (SARL in French). Its business consists of producing and selling energy from farming by-products and obtained from neighbouring farms the implementation of a straw gathering system. This company has built the plant and the network, operates the installation and organize straw deliveries. The wood and straw energy plant has a 5MW capacity and is wood and straw fuelled. The company has signed a 12 year contract with the CEA (a public research institute), which committed itself to buy at least 20.400 MWh per year at a defined and revisable price, all included (fuel purchase, repairs, maintenance, installations depreciation).