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Urzad Miejski w Slubicach

Slubice Community

General Info

Slubice Community is situated in the river-basin of the Oder in the western part of poland in Lubuskie voyvodship. Slubice is the border town between the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany (the twin town of Frankfurt/Oder), it has been a separate town for 52 years. The situation of Slubice is favorable to conduct bilateral international cooperation. The area of the town is 19,2 km² and the population is about 17 thousand inhabitants (taking into consideration the dwellers it grows periodically up to twenty thousands). The structure of population of the community is typical for Poland: the town states 90% of the population, the rest live in the villages, whose inhabitants deal mainly with agriculture on small farms. Taking into account the building structure of the town apart from pre-war 2- to 4-storeyed buildings there are concrete blocks of flats from the beginning of the 70s as well as single-family homes.

One main aspect of the Polish communities is the switchover of the district heating system from coal to (mainly) biomass, combined with solar systems. This sets a national standard for local sustainable energy systems, and sets out development paths for other Polish communities and other countries to follow, in particular those in the same region or in areas with similar geographical conditions.

Biomass potential is substantial in Poland, but it will only be exploitable with proper local management ensuring sufficient and efficient supply chains. This has the potential to lead to a real national renewable energy sources - achievements of heating targets and providing new inputs to climate protection on a European scale.