V.I.P. card - Energy Agency

Агенција за енергетика на Република Македонија

Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia

General Info

The functions of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia are:
  1. support to the implementation of energy policy,
  2. preparation of long-term and short-term programmes,
    1. Develop and maintain a database on the energy in the Republic of Macedonia;
    2. Monitor and analyze the economic situation and establish criteria for assessment of priorities for sustainable energy development;
    3. Monitor and obtain information on the developing energy needs and possibilities for satisfying those needs from domestic or external sources;
    4. Participate in the preparation of studies, development plans and strategies in the energy sector for the medium- and long-term;
    5. advocate the inclusion of environmental and nature protection aspects in the preparation of medium-term or long-term strategies and development plans in the energy sector; and
    6. develops and maintains promotional activities.
  3. energy efficiency (EE) and utilization of renewable energy sources (RES),
    1. offer initiatives, propose and assess studies and coordinate projects for EE and RES utilization;
    2. cooperate with competent ministries on energy sector matters in order to implement the action plan for implementation of the EE Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia;
  4. preparatory and coordinating activities for implementation of investment projects,
    1. analyze the situation, possible solutions of problems in the energy sector and assess the investment project priorities;
    2. prepare and propose projects for potential investors,
    3. conduct economic sustainability assessment of the projects;
    4. cooperate with competent ministries in energy matters in the preparation for implementation of investment projects;
    5. advise potential investors on conditions for implementation of investment projects;
    6. work on regional cooperation in the energy sector;
    7. look after the implementation of regional projects;
    8. participate in the process of designation of priority infrastructure facilities in the region.
    9. prepare legislation and secondary legislation, rulebooks, technical and other regulations, propose adoption of appropriate standards;
    10. cooperate, during the preparation, with appropriate government sectors, business entities, non-governmental associations and other non-profit associations.
    11. conduct other activities in the energy sector, prescribed by law.
  5. regional cooperation and coordination of regional projects, preparation of draft laws, secondary legislation and technical regulations in the area of energy and other activities in the energy sector.

Target audience includes the communities in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, Public companies, NGOs, as well as the private sector.