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Regional Energy Management Agency in Žilina

REMA Žilina

General Info

The aim of the Regional Energy Management Agency in Zilina is diffusing a culture highlighting energy efficiency and energy saving as well as promoting the use of renewable energy and sustainable development ideas through information activities and development projects. The objectives are to rationalise the management of local energy resources, through an improvement in energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy.

The task of the Agency is to assign the priorities of the region in the field of energy and to put them across within regional planning. The agency aims to increase the share of energy production from renewable resources in the region and to reduce the total production of harmful emissions and decrease of the region dependency on energy and fuels import.

Activities are aimed at employees of the regional and state institutions and municipalities, organizations operating in the energy field, firms and organizations involved in production of wood, biomass and agriculture waste, and citizens of municipalities and towns in the Northwest Slovak region.