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Bongas Energias S.A.

General Info

Bongas Energias S.A. help to reduce barriers to energy efficiency promote Renewable Energies with the aim to reduce the energy bill, and increase the diversification of energy sources and the use of indigenous sources.

Areas of expertise: Provide energy efficient solutions in both traditional energy fuels and in renewable energy sources; Offer expertise and knowledge in the selection of energy sources and technologies, energy management, energy audits and promote the rational use of energy; Provide solutions for water re-use solutions; Support the introduction of more efficient technologies through engineered turnkey solutions, and financing through ESCO schemes.

  • Improve the rational use of energy in both private and public organizations
  • Provide energy experts
  • Provide energy audits
  • Foster the use of Renewable Energy in industries, buildings, etc.
  • Promote financing of efficient technologies through ESCO's scheme
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic installers; Building integration PV installers

Target audience: Private and Public organizations; Industry and Services companies.