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Shaping Mankind's Environment Ltd

General Info

Shaping Mankind's Environment Ltd provides a platform for global academia, governmental institutions and agencies, environmentalists and business leaders to collaboratively discuss and debate issues on energy related topics, education and environmental sustainability towards finding solutions to address energy efficiency.

Areas of expertise: Audit/measure and assess the carbon footprint of the planned built Olympic environment to improve the sustainability of the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as provide guidance for other future developments; In providing a platform for world academics, government agencies, experts and business leaders to interact cohesively to check the effective sustainability of the intended Olympic legacy; Highlight any shortcomings to provide a framework for new innovative solutions and new technology solutions to improve future UK / world sustainability initiatives.

Target audience: Governments, Environmental Agencies, Industry Experts, Global Academics/students/innovators, Developers, Education: Universities/FE/Community groups, Business leaders and SME businesses.