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SPEED Σύμβουλοι Ανάπτυξης ΑΕ


SPEED Development Consultants SA

General Info

SPEED Development Consultants SA is an independent consultancy company active in Greece and abroad. The company was established in 1989 by a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, specializing in the fields of strategic planning, technical - economical studies, implementation of development projects and programmes, environmental and energy management and project management.

The company offers services to a wide range of clients, including the European Commission, national, regional and local authorities and organisations, as well as private and public enterprises.

SPEED has completed more than 200 projects and participates in national and international networks and collaboration consortia in the following sectors of activity:

  • Energy planning and energy resources management
  • Energy policy formation at a local / regional level.
  • Consulting services on planning, evaluation, financing and implementation of energy projects.
  • Energy saving studies in industry and buildings.
  • Consulting services and studies for renewable energy sources utilisation and natural gas introduction
  • Strategic planning and development policies
  • Environmental planning and management
  • Organisation and development of enterprises
  • echnology and RTD programme management

The company's focus is to further expand its position in the energy consultancy field in Greece and in the European energy market motivated by the international need to reduce CO2 emissions to prevent the climate change.

The company's areas of expertise are as follows:

  • energy plans on urban, local and regional scale
  • community financing and the establishment and operation of Local or Regional Energy Agencies / Centres (E.A.),
  • planning and evaluation of energy programmes,
  • identification of investment opportunities
  • studies for investment projects
  • consulting services in energy project management on all implementation phases: technology selection, tenders procedure, supply, installation, start-up
  • integrated energy audit
  • introduction of Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • energy benchmarking practices
  • monitoring & targeting programmes
  • geothermal energy of low and medium enthalpy
  • energy utilisation of biomass produced by: agricultural and cattle breeding by-products / wastes, forest biomass, urban and industrial waste in solid and liquid state, biogas

Target audience:

  • Local, national, regional and transnational energy agencies, bodies and business associations
  • Industry, public and private organisations and companies