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Cooprogetti Scrl

General Info

Cooprogetti Scrl an engineering company, was founded in 1974. It develops projects concerning
  • Architecture, building
  • Engineering, structures, infrastructures, electrical and heating systems, security.
  • Renewable energies and energy saving;
  • Environment;
  • Urban and territorial planning.

The staff includes engineers, architects, planners, a natural science specialist,surveyors, industrial experts, a building designer plus administraters and an auxiliary.

Cooprogetti, has invested in a significant research project, Progetto Erre - a research, training and development project concerning renewable energies and energy saving. It ran from 1.10.07 to 31.12.09. The research project resulted in increasing know-how of the whole company focusing on optimized solutions related to energy savings, renewable energy sources and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Progetto Erre also looks at the product market evolution and at the cost-benefit analysis of every decision.

The company is also focusing on the implementation of a computer system to support project decision-making with energetic, environmental and economical optimization of plant-building system.

The main motivation to partecipate in the Central Europe program, was the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired by Progetto Erre and to overcome barriers to enhance the diffusion of energy saving and RES culture in building trade.

Areas of expertise: Renewable energies, energy efficiency in buildings, energy audit and certification, energy saving, dynamic simulation, integrated design.

Target audience: Private Companies, Local Public Administrations, Energy Agencies.