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General Info

TRYBOS a Spanish engineering company that can offer specific or integral services, in areas of energy efficiency, audits and renewable energies including industrial, residential and public building renewable energy installations. They process necessary commissioning authorisations and carry out the Project Management in areas of:
  • Thermal solar and photovoltaic installations
  • Wind installations
  • Cogeneration
  • Water pumping
  • Integration of renewable energy and hydrogen technology

Work of reference

  • 10 MW Photovoltaic installation on the roofs of GM Spain.
  • Italy Pavilion of the International Exposition of Zaragoza SPAIN 2008. Project and Site Management. Italian Government.
  • Improvement of production process of industrial company by renewable energy.
  • Projects for installations and civil work associated with renewable energy farms, improvement of the efficiency of existing installations and request for subsidies.

TRYBOS develops projects for economic and social streamlining in rural areas:

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Economic feasibility
  • Legal regulation
  • Applications for specific uses
  • Financing project

Work of reference

  • Action on Ebro riverbanks on its way through Sobradiel, restoration of leisure areas. Project and Site Management. Zaragoza Provincial Council.
  • Restoration of the waste water treatment plant in the residential estate of Lomas de G├íllego. Zuera Town Council.
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plan, Lomas de Gallego Residential Area. Site Management. Zuera Town Council.

Target audience: SMEs, Large companies, Public Administrations, Councils, Business Associations, Energy Agencies.