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BuildDesk Benelux BV

General Info

BuildDesk is a consultancy firm, focused on improving energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. They:
  • help their customers succeed in responding to the challenges of climate change,
  • look for bold solutions that enjoy broad support within, or sometimes beyond, the confines of the generally accepted perceptions of what is feasible,
  • support their customers with targeted strategic and operational communication activities right through to the implementation of the solutions.

BuildDesk Group currently has offices in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland and Austria

Areas of expertise: There is a huge, untapped potential in readily-available solutions, as well as new and innovative energy efficiency and sustainability concepts. They help their customers by putting these solutions and concepts to work.

To provide sustainable and energy efficient solutions to global challenges, BuildDesk offers consultancy in highly specialised, key areas within energy efficiency and sustainability

They offer consultancy in areas of Policy & Climate, Area Development, and Building Quality, while also helping local, regional and national authorities to find local responses to the challenges posed by global climate change.

They bring their expertise to all the policy processes (development, communication & implementation) and help local authorities, property developers and housing associations develop integrated plans for sustainable energy supply and consumption., focusing on sustainable development in both urban and rural areas for single building sites or entire towns.

BuildDesk consultants help building owners and administrators create energy efficient and sustainable buildings that are comfortable to be in. They focus on increasing the value of the building stock by:

  • analysing energy performance data
  • developing strategies to support energy-efficient practices

Target audience covers a wide range of customers including:

  • local, regional and national authorities
  • sme, mid-sized businesses to large companies
  • real estate developers
  • public/social housing associations and other administrators of large building portfolios
  • energy suppliers
  • architects and their clients
  • non-profit organisations