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Wielkopolska Agencja Zarządzania Energią Sp. z o.o.


Wielkopolska Energy Management Agency Ltd.

General Info

WAZE - Wielkopolska Agencja Zarządzania Energią Sp. z o.o., the Regional Energy Management Agency of Wielkopolska was established in 2009 with the support of the Intelligent Energy - Europe II (IEE) grant. We aim to become the promotion and knowledge centre on energy efficiency and renewable energy resources in Wielkopolska region.

WAZE's mission is: to increase energy efficiency in Wielkopolska, and to increase share of renewable sources in the enegy balance of the region. By:

  • Development of The Strategy to increase energy efficiency and to develop renewable energy sources in the Wielkopolska region for 2011-2020
  • Assistance in organizing educational programs
  •  Coordination of activities relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy in the region
  • Organization of information campaigns changing public behavior and the  increase of public awareness of eco-energy issues
  • Promotion and education on ​​energy efficiency and on passive house  standard
  • Creating a database of local energy resources, renewable energy installations and energy sector companies in the Wielkopolska Region

WAZE's offer include:

  • Advising on investments in renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency
  • Support for the developmental plans of municipalities in the field of electrical energy, gas fuels, and heat
  • Organization of the procedure to chose an electricity suppliers for local municipalities and companies
  • Promotion of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency of these
  • Training which manages about energy management and renewable energy sources
  • Co-operation with schools and universities on educational programs that shape and create renewable energy lab and energy-saving systems
  • Organizing international cooperation between companies, research institutions (including universities) and business organizations around the Wielkopolska Renewable Energy Cluster.