V.I.P. card - Energy Agency

Agencja Uzytkowania i Poszanowania Energii


Agency of Power Usage and Conservation

General Info

AUiPE has been present on the energy market since 1998. The organization focuses on the activities aiming at power usage reduction, the rationalization of energy utilization as well as environmental protection.

AUiPE realises:

  • power auditing,
  • motions for confirmation of heat and electric energy tariffs,
  • examination of the state of repair, energy balance and combustion process improvement,
  • monitoring of power machinery, devices and installations,
  • elaboration of economic analysis of investment profitability,
  • overall projects of supplying cities, communes and companies with heat,
  • examination and certification of power and power-consuming machinery.

AUiPE organises and accomplishes:

  • courses, training, conferences and seminars devoted to power engineering and energy conservation, among others,
  • courses for candidates for auditors and power consultants,
  • representation of Polish and international companies,
  • technical and financial consultation for energy consumers.

AUiPE offers:

  • consulting, designing and realization within the sphere of power engineering,
  • activity in the field of environmental protection and management of waste,
  • assistance for investors in obtaining credits as well as the organization of financing ventures,
  • promotion of energy-saving materials and products,
  • publications connected with power engineering,
  • ESCO energy management.