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Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment

General Info

Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment is a non-profit organization aiming for an environmentally friendly, sustainable and affordable energy mix for Europe in general and the Netherlands in particular. They promote energy efficiency, renewables and clean energy technologies.

Areas of expertise:

  • Involving citizens in sustainable energy solutions (e.g. Seapower from wind at sea in the Northsea)
  • Changing behaviour (e.g. Top 10 project)
  • Expert energy policy advice at national and EU level (e.g. insulation of buildings, efficient products, sustainable energy mix)
  • involving key actors in energy solutions (e.g. social housing corporation in energy efficiency)

Target audience:

  • "green citizens"
  • national and EU policy makers
  • national and European key decision makers in the energy field (businesses, social NGOs, federations, interest groups)