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General Info

VEA GLOBAL includes  two Spanish SMEs, offering  engineering and technical consultancy services, and firms of internationalization and business development in Mexico. 

Its main expertise fields are:

  • Energy and environmental strategic planning, particularly on the sustainable territorial and energy development in the areas:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Renewable energies
    • Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies
  • Supply optimization and energy management based on the monitoring of electric consumption levels.
  • Design and implementation of communication and dissemination plans.
  • Innovation management.
  • Strategic development.
  • Awareness campaigns.
  • Agendas 21.
  • Quality management
  • ISO Standards
  • Project management and funding.
  • Counselling.
  • Training.

VEA GLOBAL collaborates in Research and Developments projects in collaboration with partners such as the Spanish National Research Counciland Foundation for the development of new Hydrogen technologies in Aragón.

VEA GLOBAL counts on wide experience in energy projects and technology transfer with extensive knowledge of the economical and industrial sector of Aragon region and have worked with the national energy agency.

Its staff are energy engineers who have experience both acting as coordinators and partners in proposals since they have carried out several projects which could be used for good practices exchanges (local or/and regional governments are involved in some of them).

VEA GLOBAL has an impressive network of contacts in diverse business sectors: industry (automotive, metal, chemistry, power generation, electronics,...), ICT, public authorities, professional associations, industry clusters, research centers, educational centers, energy suppliers, consumer associations, chambers of commerce, ...