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VEA Qualitas

General Info

VEA Qualitas is a Spanish consulting SME which provides expert knowledge and solutions in relation to research, development and innovation, environment, excellence management and quality.

It is specialized in R&D management, technology transfer and project management and financing, clearly focused on the field of energy, and above all on the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency and new hydrogen technologies. They have developed extensive knowledge on this subject and related applications. in which they are applied.

VEA collaborates in Research and Developments projects in collaboration with partners such as the Spanish National Research Counciland Foundation for the development of new Hydrogen technologies in Aragón.

They are experienced in energy projects and technology transfer with extensive knowledge of the economical and industrial sector of Aragon region and have worked with the national energy agency.

Their staff are energy engineers who have experience both acting as coordinators and partners in proposals so they have carried out several projects which could be used for good practices exchanges (local or/and regional governments are involved in some of them).

Areas of expertise:

  • Fuel Cell development and application.
  • Energy recovery system with Electrolycer equipment for self-supplying in town.
  • Solar power efficiency project.
  • Solar system improvement for thermal applications.
  • Saving methods development, efficiency energy use and promotion of renewable energy in Aragon region. Aragon Ministry of Industry.
  • Audit, efficiency energy and energy saving plan for international goods manufacturer.
  • Energy saving promoting plan for local communities in Aragon region.
  • Audit for reduction the consumption of transport company fleet.
  • BIORED: Bio-ethanol distribution project for Aragon region.
  • Project for reduction Greenhouse Gasses in bio-waste treatment plants.

Innovation management research development and innovation area:

  • Technological diagnoses and industrial design. vnnovation Management Systems.
  • R+D+I (Research, Develop, Innovation) Projects Management.
  • Technological Watch.
  • Transfer and Management of Knowledge.

Project and funding management area

  • Identification of needs.
  • Design and management of individual projects and cooperation.
  • Clusters Design and Management.
  • Funding Management Proposal Projects.
  • Guide to companies about the European funding rules.

Target audience: Public administration, SMEs and large companies.