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CE is an independent research and consultancy organisation specialising in innovative solutions to environmental problems.. CE performs studies on commission from governments, companies and non-governmental organizations.

CE investigates the options for renewables such as solar energy. Since the large-scale introduction of renewableswe is still a long way off, CE also promotes the use of clean energy resources as a basis for switching from fossil fuels to renewables. The production of clean energy such as heat and electricity should be carried out in an environmentally benign fashion and with high efficiencies. Based on this idea, CE promotes cogeneration of heat and power (CHP) wherever this is financially viable. CE has built up an extensive database for large- and small-scale heat and CHP production systems.

Electricity, heat and hydrogen are clean energy resources that produce little or no noxious emissions during conversion for final energy consumption. CE investigates the potential for these clean energy resources.

Financial, environmental and energy analyses are also carried out.