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KanEnergi Sweden AB

General Info

KanEnergi is an international consulting company, specialising in services related to energy, the environment and sustainable development. Working with government authorities, private companies and NGOs, it strives to support sustainable and rational development of the society, in particular in relation to generation and use of energy. The company's role in this context is to provide return on investment advice based on the principle of sustainability.

The company has eight employees. The main office is situated in the old town, Skara, in the West of Sweden and one office is situated in central Stockholm. The associated company KanEnergi AS, situated in Oslo in Norway, has nine employees.

Company Experience

KanEnergi Sweden AB has been working as a consultancy in the field of energy and sustainability in Sweden and Europe since its establishment in 1997. This has given it in-depth knowledge and network regarding market actors, resources, economic and policy issues and channels for access and dissemination of information. KanEnergi has developed strong capabilities in all areas of renewable energy efficiency technology, in innovation and market introduction, in policy and strategy development in relation to energy and the environment, and economic and environmental assessment of products, programmes and policies.

Through its involvement in Government programmes for R&D and market introduction, and through participation in evaluation of project proposals to the EU, KanEnergi has access to information on new developments on energy technology and innovative approaches to commercial development of related products and services. The broad experience from private industry, research and public administration and municipalities makes it a strong centre of expertise. KanEnergi has experience from Europe, including Eastern European countries and international programmes and networks. In addition it has been working in projects with a national and regional scope.

The company's main expertise and experience covers:

  • Development of a business network for environmental technology in part of western Sweden
  • Co-ordination of the pellets and solar projects in the western part of Sweden, as well as task leader for 4 tasks in the EU-financed Pellets for Europe project relating to partnering and network establishments
  • Secretariat for the Norwegian Trade Council's energy efficiency and renewable initiative for SMEs
  • International transfer of energy technology and knowledge (IEA/EETIC and EU/OPET)
  • International networking and communication for local and regional Energy Agencies (EU/ManagEnergy)
  • Evaluation of RES and RUE programmes and projects for private and public bodies like EU DG TREN, Swedish Energy Agency etc
  • Project management skills
  • Design and implementation of sustainable development plans at the local/regional level
  • Knowledge of local institutions and their policy, planning and economics
  • Network of contacts in the field of local / regional sustainable development planning.
  • Local energy planning / management
  • Implementation of Renewable Energy, Rational Use of Energy and Clean Energy for Transport projects at the local/regional level. Regional and local information dissemination programmes (see pellets, solar above, plus the energy efficiency network of western Sweden).

KanEnergi has significant experience in dissemination and promotion of energy technology and experiences, for example, from working with IEA/CADDET, the OPET-network and ManagEnergy, and also in determining technical quality. Its experience includes building up databases of good practices, organising workshops and assuring a high quality technical content. Besides being able to provide detailed knowledge in specific areas, it has a broad experience of the energy field as a whole. This contributes to its strength in broad strategic analysis and evaluations, within specific technology areas as well as national or international programmes or projects.