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NEE - Norwegian Energy Efficiency Inc.

Norsk Enok og Energi AS

General Info

NEE Inc. develops and delivers energy related and environmentally related information and advisory services nationally and internationally. It offers interdisciplinary expertise as well as in-depth competence to construction developers, energy suppliers, local authorities, Enova and other governmental agencies.

Activities are aimed at children, households, local authorities, counties, buildings in private and public sector, the government, and energy agencies

Specific activities of NEE Inc. include:

  • Publication of 13 volumes of "Enk-avisa", a publication focusing on EE.
  • PR exhibitions: "Enkhuset", "Enkhjrnet" and "ENK-kiosken".
  • Developed and executed "The Energy Day" in the public school in conjunction with Buskerud County Board of Education. The concept was sold to various electricity works and EE-agencies nationally.
  • Hosted several courses for home builders, craftsmen, operating managers, purchasing managers and clerks within the areas of EE, heating, ventilation, and indoor climate.
  • Production of "Lys" (light), four issues a year. Principal: Lyskultur.
  • Energy and EE plans in the local authority areas
  • Energy mapping and alternative energy research
  • Organiser for building networks
  • campaign: BLID, "Bedre Luft i Drammen" (Better air in Drammen):
  • Sustainable energy consumption in Buskerud County. This includes the integration of energy considerations