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Leaderoeste Associao para o Desenvolvimento Rural



General Info

Leaderoeste is a multisectorial struture which works with other organisations of the public and private sector, whose objectives are the development of rural areas in the western corner of Portugal, known as Oeste. The basis of the organisation's work is the construction and promotion of a regional identity, and therefore it covers a vast range of areas and issues.

The establishment of a regional network that aims to produce criteria for the evaluation and implementation of renewable energy consortiums, is part of the framework that is being constructed. The organisation has valuable experience of development issues in this area through its previous work with local and national partners.

Activities are aimed at municipalities, regional public and private companies local and regional develpment agencies. Specific areas of activity include:

  • Changing citizens' behaviour
  • Dissemination of information
  • Advice on specific energy issues
  • Participation in biomass projects and small wind farms