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NGVA Europe

NGVA Europe

Natural Gas/Biomethane Vehicle Association Europe

General Info

NGVA Europe is the new European Association representing the NGV industry; including suppliers and distributors of natural gas and biomethane, manufacturers of OEM vehicles and components used in vehicles and filling stations, as well as NGV related national Associations and other NGV supporters. Its mission is to make the European Institutions aware of the positions taken by the Association's members, as well as to provide reliable information on the market development. NGVA Europe also actively participates in developing and promoting new European standards and regulations related to the NGV industry.

NGVA Europe promotes the use of natural gas of fossil origin, as well as biomethane from renewable sources, as today's cleanest available alternative to the traditional fossil fuels and immediately available in large volume.

NGVA Europe takes over the activities and membership body of the old ENGVA, but with new management and staff. The Association has been in operation since 1 April 2008 from its new office in Madrid, Spain.