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Nykomb Synergetics AB

General Info

Nykomb Synergetics offers, as an independent contractor, process and power systems architect engineering consultancy and project development services. Based on such contributions, Nykomb Synergetics also engages as a project developer with title to equity rights in such developments.

The company has special expertise in the conversion of fossil, biomass, and waste fuels into power and chemicals, using gas and steam turbine configurations. We combine the practices of the power generating industries with plants/equipment employed in the process industry, especially related to gasification and partial oxidation.

Against this background Nykomb Synergetics has taken a lead role in the development and exploitation of a portfolio of proprietary technologies. These technologies are currently proving to be of value for the successful implementation of robust and efficient IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) power generating systems.

Nykomb Synergetics participated in the "BAL-Fuels" project (Altener I, contract No. XVII/4. 1030/Z/95-124), which was presented in 1998. The study defined a standalone methanol plant using biomass feedstock for production of methanol via gasification with oxygen/steam in south Sweden which produced 1000 t/d at an estimated cost of EUR 0.25/litre or EUR 317/ton.

Nykomb Synergetics also participated in the "BioMeeT" project (Altener II, contract No. XVII/4.1030/Z/98-368) with Ecotraffic ERD, Air Products, and Trollhttan Municipality together with a consortium of Trollhttan Energy, Volvo Aero, Saab Automobile, University of Trollhttan-Uddevalla and Vattenfall AB. The BioMeeT study addresses a balanced production of various energy carriers to serve the regional energy market of the south-west Swedish cities Trollhttan, Uddevalla and Vnersborg.

The study was presented at the ISAF XIII, International Symposium needsadvise: Nykomb Synergetics may undertake all phases and roles in project development and project management for electricity and chemical production and energy conservation schemes including:

  • Conceptual studies
  • Process architect assignments
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Preparation of ITB documentation
  • Evaluation of bids
  • Environmental effects, control and permitting services
  • Preparation of commercial and legal basis for supply and off-take agreements
  • Project financing services
  • Cost/revenue/cash flow modelling
  • Assistance with technology and licensing arrangements
  • Client support for contract negotiations
  • Project management
  • Owner advisory role
  • Energy management

In addition, the Nykomb Synergetics expertise is often used to develop energy conservation programs in connection with the development of co-generation, re-powering, retrofit, and upgrading schemes