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Escan, s.l


General Info

Escan, s.l. is a Spanish SME specialized in energy consulting founded in Madrid in 1986. It provides services at national and international level, and it is independent of industrial groups and equipment suppliers.

Escan is mainly specialized in the following areas:

  • Consumers and products. Energy labelling, domestic appliances, smart meters.
  • Businesses: energy saving in SMEs.
  • Energy efficiency services and obligations.
  • Bioenergy: solid bioenergy resources.
  • Renewable energy heating and cooling.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy use in buildings

We would bring an important added-value about the following subjects:

  • Participation in many pilot-projects initiatives within the SAVE and ALTENER Programs.
  • Technical assistance on products labeling (TVs, lighting, air conditioning, heating devices, pumps, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers...).
  • Promoting best practices of innovative smart metering services.
  • Energy audits and renewable energy applications in the industrial sector (food and beverage, chemical, etc.).
  • Organization of Training programmes. Creation of network of energy managers.
  • Promoting the development of an energy services market to implementation of new Directive 2012/27/EU of 25th October 2012 on Energy Efficiency.
  • Solid biomass supply chains optimization, due to the expertise in IEE Bioenergy and 6FP Biomass development initiatives.
  • Assessment for energy efficiency and renewable energy measures implementation in residential and tertiary buildings.
  • Project management support to the proposal Coordinator, thanks to the expertise acquired leading several IEE and 6FP projects.

International Assistance:

  • Europe, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Central America, Tunisia and elsewhere.
  • Technical assistance in studies and projects.
  • Projects and programmes identification and evaluation.
  • Management of international courses and seminars.
  • Institutional encouragement.
  • Projects evaluation and feasibility.
  • Assistance on energy environmental legislation and normative.
  • Energy information centres.

European Commision. Unided Nations. National Energy Agencies. Regional Energy Agencies. Municipalities. Education and Science Ministries. Industry and Energy Ministries. Economical Development Agencies. Commerce and Industry Chambers. Business Associations. Energy Service Companies. Industries. Consumer Associations.