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Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej


Institute for Renewable Energy

General Info

The mission of EC BREC Institute for Renewable Energy is the use of best available knowledge and technology in the area of renewable energy sources to:
  • Develop knowledge - improve the practice of local energy planning and management and promote the implementation of local distributed energy generation using RES (acting as independent think-tank). Introduce into the energy market (using EU R&D programs) innovative products improving the efficiency of RES use (acting as the centre of competence and technology transfer, especially to SME€s).
  • Provide consulting - providing the expert consulting service for investors in the area of wind energy, solar energy, biogas and bioenergy (acting as experts/consultants group, especially for projects implemented in the cooperation with local authorities and using public financial support).

Tha main tasks of EC BREC Institute for Renewable Energy are:

  • Assistance to the national government in preparation of legal regulations, policies, strategies and programs to develop wider use of renewable energy in Poland;
  • Assistance to local and regional governments in elaboration of strategies, programmes, inventories, and identification of investment possibilities in utilisation of renewable energy sources on local and regional levels;
  • Preparation of development strategies and plans for energy companies and utilities in the field of use of renewable energy and reduction of GHGs emissions;
  • Research activities and development studies, as well as demonstration and implementation of renewable energy technologies (in cooperation with SMEs);
  • Development and implementation of research projects, especially assessment of energy resources of wind, biomass, biogas, liquid biofuels, solar and renewable energy technologies and their integration (in cooperation with the EU partners);
  • Investigation and evaluation of legal framework for investment in specific renewable energy technology, preparation of economic analysis of projects, feasibility studies and business plans for private investors and local authorities;
  • Technical and economical evaluation of renewable energy projects for public and financial institutions.

Target audience: regional and local authorities, innovative SMEs active in renewable energy, energy utilities, local and regional energy agencies and energy managers, manufacturers.