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TNEI Services Ltd

General Info

TNEI Services Ltd is an independent energy focussed in consultancy business.

Its UK and international public and private sector clients are involved with the generation, transportation, use and storage of energy. Its work with them at both strategic and implementation levels to comply with regulatory, corporate and public objectives.

It helps clients adapt, develop and prosper by providing strategic and practical solutions that need exceptional expertise and insight.

Areas of expertise:

  • policy and strategy development,
  • regulatory analysis, management and compliance,
  • techno/economic conception and evaluation,
  • securing planning consent,
  • on-site generation,
  • turnkey urban wind projects,
  • demand management,
  • power systems modelling and analysis and
  • software development.

Target audience: climate change and fossil fuel availability are requiring energy users to review their demands, opportunities for on site generation and innovative carbon management solutions. At senior level corporate decision makers are developing strategic responses to regulation, public policy, CSR and escalating costs.

Project developers and technology developers aim to minimise technical and financial risk whilst these changing technologies, generation patterns and asset maturity present new challenges for energy infrastructure managers.

In parallel the public sector is developing and implementing strategies and policies to fulfil regional, national and international priorities.

TNEI provides strategic and technical leadership and support to all these parties.