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ISFTA - Institute for Solid Fuels Technology and Applications

CERTH - Centre for Research and Technology Hellas

General Info

The Institute for Solid Fuels Technology and Applications (ISFTA) is the main Greek organisation for the promotion of research and technological development aiming at the improved and integrated exploitation of solid fuels and their by-products. ISFTA's main objectives include:
  • Optimisation coal, biomass & wastes utilisation in heat & power production
  • Improvement of applied coal mines exploitation methods
  • Implementation of Clean Coal combustion technologies and co-combustion technologies
  • Promotion and improvement of CHP & CCHP technologies and their implementation in decentralised generation
  • Development of non-electric uses of lignite

Areas of expertise:

  • Clean Coal Technologies
  • Carbon Dioxide Capture & Sequestration
  • Solid Fuel Characterisation
  • Biomass & Wastes Management & Combustion
  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy Conservation
  • Efficiency & Environmental Performance Improvement
  • CHP & CCHP
  • DH & DC Systems
  • Reduction of Environmental Impact in Coal Mining
  • Non-electric Uses of Coal
  • Utilisation of Coal By-products (active coke for environmental applications, organic fertilisers, soil amendments, fly-ash products, etc.)

Target audience:

  • Power Utilities
  • District Heating/Cooling Utilities
  • Heavy Energy-Consuming Industries
  • Research and Development Institutes
  • Energy Agencies and their members
  • Consultancy Agencies