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General Info

AGRAR Plus had been founded in 1985 by an initiative of the Lower Austrian Councillor responsible for agriculture affairs. His aim was to create a contact point for all those interested in establishing communal biomass district heating plants and an independent advice centre providing support in the examination and development of ideas and concepts.

Areas of expertise:

  • Development and realization of concepts for the market
  • Development of new or alternative agricultural products
  • Coordination of planning, project management, calculation of profitability, financing and supplying of renewable energy projects, also founding companies concerning this matter
  • Running, taking over and negotiation of all involved businesses

They also have knowledge about Biomethane and vegetable oil as fuel.

Their goals are:

  • Successful realization of projects concerning heat and electricity from biomass
  • Manufacturing and marketing of agricultural products
  • Participation in creating a positive atmosphere together with the concerned institutions
  • Acquire know-how for innovative projects
  • Link between agricultural and economy as well as between science and practice,

The company is interested in all projects belonging to renewable energy and renewable resources.

They also have experience in international projects with different EU-support programmes