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Forschungsstelle fuer Energiewirtschaft e.V. (FfE e.V)

General Info

The Research Institute for Energy Economy (Forschungsstelle fr Energiewirtschaft e. V. / FfE), with its main offices located in Munich, Germany, was founded in 1949. The FfE is a non-profit organization with approximately 150 members representing the fields of Energy Technology and Utilization, Industry, Science and Administration. Approximately 10 % of FfE's expenditures are funded by membership fees, whereas the remaining 90 % are obtained from research and commissioned work.

The FfE was established as a neutral scientific research institute, having no preference for any source of competitive energy carrier. The organization deals with and answers questions of power engineering, energy technology and economic utilization, as well as with issues concerning environmental impacts on a scientific basis. The organization conducts much of its research in the field of applied energy.

Activities are aimed at:

  • Communities
  • Ministries
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Energy Provider
  • Industry

Key activities include:

  • Conducting studies of energy consumption in industrial plants through on-site inspections as well as performing measurements on energy utilization and generation. The data will then be evaluated and a conclusion drawn assessing ways of efficient, economical and profitable energy use for the consumer
  • Describing potential for the more efficient and profitable use of energy
  • Developing and conducting test benches for photovoltaic modules, electrochemical and electromechanical storage systems, electric drives, household appliances, etc.
  • Conducting test benches on batteries that will rate the performance of new battery systems and life cycles
  • Creating energy balances and making prognoses concerning estimates on final energy demands
  • Creating and analyzing measures for efficient, rational, and economical use of energy
  • Engineering a system for the use of renewable energy
  • Creating balances of the cumulative energy consumption