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General Info

EUREC Agency is an umbrella organisation representing scientists and engineers from 45 national research centres across the EU. Between them, these research centres account for roughly 80% of the region's public sector renewable energy researchers.

EUREC fosters contact between their members and European industry and provides them with detailed, up-to-date information from the EU. Likewise, they provide targeted information to European policy-makers.

Part of their work is dissemination of information about renewable energy technologies to specific groups and the general public. Examples of these activities include their European Masters in Renewable Energy and the professional courses they run to inform potential developers of renewable energy technologies of their benefits.

EUREC has also released two editions of a book outlining what research into renewable energy has achieved so far and what it could reasonably achieve in the future.

Finally, they are looking beyond Europe's borders. They will pay special attention to the transfer of knowledge and technologies to the Developing World. Commerical or industrial interests being completely absent from the association, they feel their strength lies in the impartiality the work they do.

Target audience: this varies depending the project they are undertaking.

  • For the European Masters in Renewable Energy, the target audience includes those seeking a qualification for a career in the renewable energy sector.
  • For the professional courses, those in a position to hasten the take-up of a technology are the target audience. For their course on offshore wind energy, for instance, technical managers at utilities, marine contractors and project developers were their target.
  • For the book of position papers, policy-makers are the target.
  • Those they target for membership of their association are national research institutes with expertise in one or more renewable energy technologies.

EUREC is a member of EREC (European Renewable Energy Council) - an umbrella organisation of the leading European renewable energy industry and research associations.