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Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland - Renewable Energy Information Office


General Info

The Renewable Energy Information Office (REIO) is a national service of Sustainable Energy Ireland (formerly the Irish Energy Centre).

REIO was set up to promote the use of renewable energy sources and provide independent advice and information on financial, social and technical issues relating to renewable energy development. REIO seeks the reduction of burning fossil fuels by facilitating the increased use of energy from renewable sources. In order to achieve these objectives the REIO builds and distributes a renewable energy information stock, updates a bibliography of renewable energy publications worldwide and houses an open library to the public. It also maintains a database of relevant individuals, companies and organisations who have a key role to play in the further growth of the renewable energy industry.

Target audience: In short everybody and anyone with an interest in developing renewable energy resources, including:

  • Suppliers of the various renewable energy technologies;
  • Government Departments and Ministers in support of national and international policies;
  • Homeowners and businesses looking to be more energy efficient;
  • Developers, Investors in renewable energy projects;
  • Landowners looking to supplement rural incomes;
  • Local Authorities, key decision makers on sustainable energy resources;
  • Students, Financiers, Industry and Commerce.