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NL-BEA - Netherlands Bio-energy Association

General Info

The Netherlands Bio-energy Association (NL-BEA) is the international name of 'Stichting Platform Bio-Energie'. It is the Dutch association that promotes the interests of all Dutch companies involved in the biomass for energy chain. Members of the association represent the entire chain.

The NL-BEA aims to reach Dutch companies involved in bio-energy, and works on the following goals:

  • Monitoring and stimulating business interests in the bio-energy sector. In order to achieve this, the NL-BEA will concentrate on influencing governmnental policy to take away (legal) restrictions regarding the conversion of biomass.
  • Stimulating the co-operation and co-ordination between all parties of the national and international bio-energy chain.
  • Building a network with other organisations in the field of sustainable energy, waste, agriculture and forestry.
The association is formed by the members, and is co-ordinated by the board. The secretariat fulfills the role of the staff for the board.