SK-BIOM - Slovak Biomass Association

Year created: 1990 No of staff: n.a.

TU Zvolen<br/>T G Masaryka, 24
SK-960 53
Slovak Republic

421 45 5206 875
421 45 5206 875

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Primary contact

President Jozef VIGLASKY

General Info

SK-BIOM, the Slovak Biomass Association has been a member of AEBIOM (European Biomass Association) for more than ten years. SK-BIOM was established in January 1990 with the objective disseminating knowledge on bio-energy to support energy production based on biomass in the Slovak Republic. Its main aim is wide spread implementation of environmental sound and cost-effective biomass energy systems in Slovakia.

The Technical University in Zvolen currently hosts SK-BIOM. SK-BIOM members have great experience in implementation of biomass technologies, as well as other renewables, in a comprehensive manner.

The main task of the SK-BIOM is to make the public aware of better and cleaner, renewable energy production methods and also the environmental problems caused by some traditional energy systems that burn fuel-oil to generate energy.