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Galway Energy Agency


General Info

The mandate of Galway Energy Agency is to promotes energy efficiency, provide training and professional services in energy management, and facilitate alternative energy resources commensurate with sustainable energy development of the Galway region.

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Public Energy Information & Awareness
  • Energy Consultancy to Private Sector
  • Good Practice Energy Management in Local Authority Services and Facilities
  • Energy Survey and Audits
  • Energy Improvements to Social Housing Programmes
  • Renewable Energy Developments (primarily wind)
  • Geothermal/Heat Pump Technology for the domestic sector
  • Energy from Waste Projects (LFG, Anaerobic Digestion, forestry waste to heat)
  • Energy Education & Training Programmes
  • Sustainable Energy Islands

Target audience: General Public, Local Concillors/Politicians, Architects, Builders/Contractors, Renewable Energy Developers, Energy Product Suppliers