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General Info

Cythemadim is an independent consultancy agency that aims to optimise organisations' energy consumption and thus achieve lower and more evenly distributed costs. Cythemadim offers an innovative combination of many years' expertise and experience of the energy world, the chemicals sector, etc., linked to a pragmatic approach.

Cythemadim examines the various operating processes by means of a holistic approach, which allows it to identify areas for improvement. It mainly aims to find systematic solutions that it ensures cost reductions in the short term but certainly also in the long term. Cythemadim always looks at mutual contexts and interaction; in its opinion, solving isolated problems serves little purpose.

In its approach, the environment and energy are not viewed as separate elements, but are both integral to the entire organisation and must therefore be examined in mutual cohesion. Cythemadim therefore work on structural solutions instead of treating the symptoms.

Cythemadim is a member of the General Association of Energy Consultants (Algemene Associatie van Energieconsulenten, AEC) and the Order of Energy Consultants (Orde van Energie Adviseurs OvEA).