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IPA SA is involved in development and integration of renewable sources systems, application of hydrogen for energy storing, learning and eLearning in energy, especially renewable and hydrogen applications, dissemiantion and awareness creation in renewable energy and hydrogen applications, european and international cooperation in energy saving, energy, renewable energy, hydrogen applications in energy and energy storage.

Areas of expertise: more than 15 years in renewables, more than 6 years in hydrogen applications in energy, more than 10 years in eLearning, training and courses, many years in other energy fields such as energy efficiency.

They have extended and advanced demonstration plants in solar, wind and hydrogen energy and extended facilities for presentation courses.

Their objectives are: Changing citizens' behaviour, dissemination of information, advice on specific energy issues, energy auditing, promotion of technology, energy efficiency in buildings, CHP, small wind farms, and solar energy.

They are the founder and organiser of the European and International Conference of Renewable and Hydrogen applications - eHYDROGENIA.

Target audience: Those interested in entering the labour field in the domains: renewable energy, hydrogen applications, trainers, training of the trainers, future technicians in the field, and other as well as mayors, governments, authorities and bodies, people working for sustainable development or environment protection.