HKR - Rakennuttaja, Talotekninen Toimisto; Energia Yksikkö

City of Helsinki, PWD Building Services Unit; Energy Unit

Energy Agency

Year created: 1996 No of staff: 6

Sources of Funding

01% - European
01% - National
98% - In-house

Public Works Dept, Kasarmikatu 21<br/>PO Box 1540
Helsingin Kaupunki

358 9 310 38598
358 9 310 38298

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Primary contact

Head of Energy Management Work Ulla SOITINAHO

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General Info

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The aims and objectives of HKR-Rakennuttaja, Talotekninen Toimisto, Energia Yksikkö (City of Helsinki, PWD Building Services Unit, Energy Unit) are to promote the rational use of energy and to implement energy saving measures in public buildings (new and existing) also taking account of indoor air quality, maintenance, general condition and sustainable development.

Target audience:

  • Municipality of Helsinki (public buildings): Technical energy management services and information dissemination.
  • Other Energy Agencies in Finland, households and SMEs: Information dissemination.

Formerly known as the Helsinki Energy Management Agency, the agency changed its name to HKR-Rakennuttaja, Talotekninen Toimisto, Energia Yksikkö when its SAVE contract ended in 2001. The Energy Unit is part of the City of Helsinki, PWD Construction Management Division's Building Services Unit.