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ONT Biopaliwa

General Info

ONT Biopaliwa is a commercial undertaking, aiming to utilise most advanced e-commerce solutions and to be the leading Polish service-provider for the growing renewable energy sector with special focus on biofuels.

Their activities are primarily based at the web portals: www.biopaliwa.com | www.biodiesel.pl. They intend to act as intermediary and offer services such as: consulting, feasibility studies, training, quality control for the bio-components industry throughout the whole value chain, sales of equipment and tailor-made solutions plus IT services for customers from within the sector.

Their target is to become a competence centre setting the pace in the biofuels/renewable energy market. They see themselves in the global perspective and thus are aiming at partnerships worldwide for the wider deployment of biofuels/renewable energy technologies.

Immediate objectives:

  1. launching of the web portal to provide information and educate people about biofuels
  2. targetting automotive industry, fuel industry, venture capital, business angels, vehicle fleets, transport companies, carriers, technology providers, IT companies, agricultural producers and marketers, recycling companies, individual vehicle users, researchers in energy/agriculture/environment etc.
  3. acting as a partner/leader in the international consortia/projects aimed at sustainable development, programmed and (co-)funded through EC programmes, World Bank, UNDP etc. plus to be enhanced by emissions trading mechanisms and similar ones
  4. creation and maintenance of the e-commerce platform (stock exchange) for feedstock, products and additives etc. related to oleo-chemical/biodiesel industry
  5. offering the services and technical solutions/products through e-commerce application embedded in www.biopaliwa.com, directed to the following markets/industries: fuel, automotive, oleo-chemical etc. plus for start-up companies (acting as biofuel entrepreneurial catalyst)
  6. maintenance and constant development of market offer (products assortment & range of services) in particular through addition of new and/or tailor-made products/services
  7. acting as "acceptor"/"validator"/broker
ONT Biopaliwa is looking for companies, individuals, venture capital funds, angel investors, foundations and other organisations, which could support them in achievement of the above mentioned goals either financially or through mentoring, know-how bestowal etc. They are open to cooperation/networking with organisations and individuals who can contribute to the deployment of renewable energy sources; biofuels in particular, either at the local or global level.