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Eco Consulting Ltd

General Info

Eco Consulting employs highly qualified counselors. When necessary, they hire external coworkers. The regularly employed workers have experiences in the field of technical and economic knowledge in energy science and environment. Analysis, consulting and practice studies in the fields of energy, environment and economy present our main activities. The company's services also include financial, legal and operational activities connected to energy science.

The long term strategy of the company is oriented in development which emphasizes energy sources that are renewable. The employees have had extensive experience in cooperating with the EU institutions and Central and Eastern Europe countries in the field of durable energy science.

Its vision is to become one of the leading companies in research of current situation in the fields of energy, ecology and economy in Slovenia. It also aims to develop appropriate development programmes by including international criteria to the already gained findings. The company cooperates with the most important service users: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment, Ljubljana municipality, Geoplin, Energetika public company Ljubljana, Agency for compulsory oil stocks, Agency of the environment of Republic of Slovenia, University institutions and other similar foreign and local scientific research organizations.

The company's main clients are energy supply companies, which develop Multi Utility approach and philosophy of durable energy science. The company cooperates with the Government and state municipalities, foreign institutions (EU Commission, other institutions etc.)