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Joanneum Research

Institute of Energy Research

General Info

The primary concern of Joanneum Research is the proper use of energy on both a large and a small scale. They develop tailor-made solutions designed to reduce energy consumption, minimise conversion losses, support the use of renewable energy sources or bring about emission reductions. Their work is backed by more than two decades of experience gained in the course of numerous international research and development projects. They offer this expertise to all those to whom sustainable development is more than just a catchword.

Their fields of activity include:

  • Renewable energy sources: The use of renewable energy sources is of primary importance for a sustainable energy supply. They develop and improve systems for the increased use of these energy sources.
  • Energy planning and energy management: Energy planning is an essential prerequisite for efficient and environmentally compatible energy use. They develop energy consulting tools and provide energy concepts and studies on energy management and environmental policy issues.
  • Energy, land use and climate change: The use of energy and land resources influences the carbon cycle and is the main cause for the anthropogenic greenhouse effect. They investigate the relevant mechanisms and develop strategies for the reduction of climate relevant emissions.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Development and improvement of technologies using biomass (biomass-fired boilers, combined heat and power systems, cooling and air conditioning systems)
  • Local and regional energy planning (implementation of RES technologies)
  • Development of energy consultancy tools
  • Energy analysis of industrial plants
  • Greenhouse gas balances of energy systems, products and economic sectors
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Analysis of regional and national carbon balances