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KanEnergi AS

General Info

KanEnergi AS aims to offer customer advice and studies on sustainable energy production and use, and to assist new businesses in introducing new technologies to the market.

KanEnergi's experience is from energy R&D, municipal planning and strategies - at different levels - to reduce environmental effects of energy sector. Particular focus has been given to measures to reduce climate gas emissions.

KanEnergi AS has eight employees. The associated company KanEnergi Sweden AB, situated in Oslo in Norway, has eight employees.

Areas of expertise:

  • Advice on energy and environment
  • programme management
  • strategies
  • energy efficiency in buildings
  • energy planning
  • business development
  • solar energy
  • bioenergy
  • greenhouse gas emission reduction

Target audience:

  • Building owners and developers
  • Municipal and Governmental authorities
  • New business developers