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General Info

   Born in 1950, from a real necessity of that time – country electrification - ICPE has become during its 60 years of continuous action, a world-wide actor and a global economy brand.
   Today, ICPE represents a complex structure, covering a wide range of innovative concepts, in the field of electrical engineering. The main activities are focused on research, development, engineering, OEM fabrication of innovative products and services.
   ICPE is a large company (turnover in euro : 5,900,000) in the field of electrical engineering having as its main goal primarily aimed at obtaining innovative technologies and products, efficient and competitive, without negative environmental impacts.
   The main thematic domains that we cover in our company are: renewable energy, energy saving, vacuum commutation electrical equipment; special electrical cables with teflon insulation; special electrical machines; servo-control; electric vehicles; industrial automation components; electro-technologies. Our company is also involved in product testing and certification and material characterization.
   ICPE's Research Department - „Institutul de Cercetari Electrotehnice” ( Electrotechnical Research Institute ) - has been involved in promoting themes that are anticipating the future evolution in the field of high efficiency for buildings.
– Experience and role
ICPE’s Research Department expertise in the field of the present proposal comprises :design of energy efficient buildings, passive houses, integrated systems, intelligent lighting control, intelligent electrical management, heating/cooling, feasibility for solar thermal heating, integration of heat pumps, solar thermal modules in buildings, intelligent heating/cooling control using renewable energy ,smart airflow management inside the house. Examples of ICPE research team projects in the proposal field :
– EEA Grant no. RO0054, entitled: “Integrated micro CCHP-Stirling Engine based on renewable energy sources, for the isolated residential consumers from South-East region of Romania” (2009-2011)
– ICPE Solar Energy Infrastructure Development (2009-2012)- national project
– FP7 project no:314229 entitled: RetroKit – Toolboxes for systemic retrofitting (2012-2016)- ICPE is partner in the project coordinated by d'Appolonia (Italy)
– ICPE’s Research Department key persons:
Prof.Dr.Eng.Sandor Bartha – PhD in agricultural engineering science (2009) has an experience of more than 30 years in new energy sources, in solar, thermal, biomass, heating process and PV application and is a certificated trainer for photovoltaic application. As a senior researcher of ICPE's Research Department, is co-authoring of more than 10 patents applied in ICPE. He is also an experienced project manager previously involved in other EU funded project for the European Research Grants and bilateral research project between Romania and Hungary.As a project manager he participate in more than 10 national and international projects.It’s also working as an associate professor.

ICPE is an electrical engineering company founded in 1950. Starting from 1974, following the oil crisis, the activity in renewable energy has been initiated in ICPE.

Business area of ICPE:

  1. Photovoltaic energy:
    1. Design and develop BOS components for photovoltaic applications
    2. Design of photovoltaic stand-alone systems
    3. Installation of photovoltaic stand-alone systems
  2. Wind energy:
    1. Wind turbines in ranges of 100W - 3kW
    2. Design of wind stand-alone systems
    3. Installation of wind stand-alone systems
  3. Hybrid systems:
    1. Design of hybrid photovoltaic & wind stand-alone systems
    2. Installation of hybrid photovoltaic & wind stand-alone systems

Areas of expertise:

  • Dissemination of information
  • Promotion of PV, Hydro and Wind technology
  • Active and passive elements for buildings
  • Small wind turbine
  • Stand alone PV and hybrid systems

Target audience:

  • Companies and Research institute active in the field of Renewable Energy Sources: manufacturers and whole sellers.
  • Organizations active in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, environment and building.