ZW Energiteknik AB

Year created: 1993 No of staff: 5

Sources of Funding

10% - European
40% - National
10% - Regional
40% - Private

Box 137<br/>Vaestra Kvarngatan 39

46 155 203080
46 155 282545

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Primary contact

Technical Director Heimo ZINKO

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General Info

ZW Energiteknik wants to contribute to an increased use of renewable energy sources with the goal to improve environmental conditions and to decrease the emission of CO2. In their opinion, using both large and small centralised heating systems, i.e. district heating or local heating networks, can best do this. They intend also to contribute to the use of effective district heating networks. An important task for ZW Energiteknik is to reduce the use of primary energy in order to provide a safe and sustainable environment to our children. This is why they also think that solar heating systems and heat storage systems are given technologies for the future.

Some of their specialities are:

  • analysing regional energy systems
  • efficiency improvement of DH systems
  • solar heating systems and seasonal heat storage systems
  • system analyses for reduced use of energy
  • lectures and education for rational use of energy.
Areas of expertise include: Regional Energy systems, Active Solar heating systems, District heating systems and CHP, Energy saving in Buildings. Environmental Benefits of energy systems.

The customers of ZW Energiteknik come from different categories and branches; here follows some examples:

  • Research organisations such as national Energy adminstration STEM, Formas, IEA District Heating and Cooling, IEA Solar Heating and Cooling, EU (Altener).
  • Branch organisations such as Swedish district heating association.
  • Energy companies (such as State Power Board, Sdertrn Fjrrvrme AB, Fortum).
  • Municipalities (such as Vasters Stad, Norrkopings Kommun).
  • Construction companies and industries (such as JM Bygg AB, Stiftelsen Malungshem, Lundn-Hus AB, Svenska Bostder, Wirsbo Svenska AB).
  • Universities (such as Hogskola Dalarna, Linkopings Tekniska Hogskola, Chalmers TH.