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EIE - Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration

General Info

Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EIE) founded on June 24, 1935 under law No. 2819 EIE, being governed by the provisions of private low and administrated in accordance with commercial methods, having the status of a juridical person and being bound to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, carrying out engineering service with opportunity of production of electrical energy is an investor public organisation.

Main tasks of EIE are as follows:

  • to research the water sources other energy sources to determine if they are suitable for producing electrical energy,
  • to make hydrological studies and Geotechnical researchs,
  • to execute Engineering services and design studies for dams and HEPPs,
  • to make researchs and studies for new and renewable energy resources (windpower, solar energy, etc.),
  • to make surveys and application studies for the rational use of energy resources,
  • to make studies of education, to research and to make people conscious of energy conservation at the sector of industry, residence, transportation,
  • to execute nationalizing process, control of plant of HEPP realized based on Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) project and
  • to make investigation and researchs at the special fields for association and establishment against payment.

In Turkey, energy conservation studies were got started in 1981 by EIE bounded to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. At the begining of the 1993, National Energy Conservation Center (NECC) was constituted by EIE to enable EIE's energy conservation activities to be executed more effective and more comprehensively in all regions of Turkey. Until now, various international organization such as UNIDO, World Bank, EC, JICA has supported projects and (NECC) has executed several projects in order to get efficiency at sector of industry, transportation and building increased everywhere in Turkey.